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            Exploring the depths of nature

画像: 水滴が付いた草
画像: 断崖絶壁
画像: 森の動物

On Yakushima, it is said that it rains 35 days a month. This abundant rainfall has nurtured lush “forests of water,” where the accumulated water forms flowing streams that purify the land.

Japan has a deep connection with water, and this bond is especially profound on Yakushima.

From the coastline lush with subtropical laurel forests to seas bursting with coral reefs and tropical fish, emerald-green rivers that have carved the land into the Yakushima we know today, and habitations with a unique culture built on the blessings of the warm Kuroshio Current and the island’s forests, the waters and townships of Yakushima offer fertile ground for a vast range of activities. Walking amidst the trees, the forest soon takes on a new appearance, with moss-covered landscapes and impressive millennium-old yakusugi cedar trees—an ancient forest still full of life. Beyond the treeline, the forests give way to a heavenly world where mysterious granite objects stand tall amidst expanses of yakuzasa bamboo grass. This Japanese garden crafted by nature feels like stepping into the realm of gods, the mountain landscape is truly worthy of the name of “the Alps on the ocean.”

Yakushima is a microcosm of the nature of Japan.

People have their own unique rhythms, and nature is much the same. Sometimes tempestuous, sometimes serene... Synchronizing the rhythms of people and nature is a way to venture deeper into the heart of Yakushima. Through the wealth of activities available at Sankara, you can experience a sense of freedom that makes you feel at one with nature and come to understand the rhythms of this miraculous island.


Yakushima is a mountainous island home to distinctive peaks created by impressive granite outcrops, culminating in the summit of Mt. Miyanoura, the highest point in Kyushu. In clear weather, the view extends across the vast ocean to mainland Kyushu. The myriad valleys and rolling mountain ranges that shape Yakushima create a spectacular landscape.


The face of the forest has many facets, from sunlight streaming through the trees to vibrant rainfall, mysterious mist, and patterns in the sky that evolve as the days and the seasons go by. Yakushima is home to some of the world’s most iconic forests, from the millennium-old Jomon-sugi cedar to the mossy landscape of the Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine—a gateway to rediscovering the majesty of nature.


Thanks to the effects of the Kuroshio Current, Yakushima has some of the highest rainfall in Japan. This abundant water nurtures the forests, shapes the landscape, forms rivers and flows into the sea before returning to the sky once more. Experience the story of water through activities from kayaking to snorkeling and immerse yourself in this precious gift that cleanses body and soul.


Yakushima is a miraculous island where every aspect of Japan’s majestic nature comes together, and the people who live here have built up a unique culture based on these abundant blessings. Eco-tours around the towns of the island offer an insight into coexistence between people and nature, from forestry in the mountains to fishing in the sea, and the laurel forests of the Seibu Rindo Forest Path, part of Yakushima’s World Heritage site.

Meet Our Guides

Mountaineering Guide
Activity Manager

Nobusuke Ohki

Certified Yakushima Guide
Certified Japan Mountain Guides Association
Guide (Stage II Trekking Guide)
National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter (English)


I have climbed many mountains throughout the world and Japan, but I am always amazed by the nature of Yakushima.
A microcosm of Japan’s delicate and varied natural environments, it is a jewel in the crown of our global and national heritage.
Many people visit Yakushima in search of a mysterious world that can be considered the pure essence of Japan’s landscapes, combined with majestic nature and extraordinary experiences. While simply being surrounded by nature is enough to feel invigorated, at Sankara we offer activities that give you a unique insight into the relationship between people and nature and how to perceive the natural expressions and rhythms of nature, elements which are often overlooked.
From the mountains to the forests, seas, rivers and towns, the abundant outdoor activities on Yakushima are a way to feel at one with nature and delve deeper into its majesty.


Marine Sports Instructor/Mountaineering Guide

Yoshito Kawada

Basic Lifesaver (Japan Lifesaving Association)
Japan Underwater Diving Federation (JUDF) Snorkeling Instructor
Stand-up paddleboarding instructor
Certified Japan Mountain Guides Association Guide (Stage I Trekking Guide)

The sea near Yakushima is the first area in the Japanese archipelago where the Kuroshio Current, one of the world's largest ocean currents, reaches the shore.
At the beginning of summer, when the main Kuroshio Current comes in contact with the strength of the South Pacific High anticyclone, the entire sea takes on a deep ultramarine color that almost seems jet black.
This deep blue possess a vitality similar to the bright red blood flowing through our veins, and is the driving force behind all the circles of life on the island.
Talk about Yakushima often focuses on the mountains and forests, but the island is also blessed with pristine emerald rivers and coral seas home to the most diverse range of fish species in Japan. Let us guide you on a stimulating adventure around this miraculous island of water.
Everyone taking part in our tours wears a life jacket, so even non swimmers are welcome.
Nothing brings me greater joy than hearing from visitors who were afraid of the sea at first, but fell in love with it after they discovered how much fun you can have in the water.

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